Bluffton Child Development Center - Infant, Toddler, Preschool and After School Education Programs, in Bluffton, Ohio

Toddler Classroom

The facility is licensed for 14 toddlers (ages 18 months to 3 years).

Our caregiver to child ratio is 1:7. As in the infant room, we always try to have an extra staff member over the ratio guidelines.

By the time your child is of toddler age, they will be ready for a more structured schedule. Children in the toddler room sit at a small, child size table as a group for meals and snack time. Schedules are important for toddlers and are closely followed in order to give the children consistency. Schedules are posted outside the classroom door for parents to see.

Parents of children in the toddler room also receive daily activity reports (the "toddler tattler"). Click here to see a example of the Report Sheet.

Potty Chart Picture

The staff will work hand in hand with the parents on potty training. A bathroom with a toddler sized potty and sink is attached to the classroom. Children are encouraged to start potty training when they are ready.

The toddler room is an exciting place to be. This age group likes to be independent, noisy and physically active. The toddler room is a place where children can do these things in safe and acceptable ways. The curriculum works to further develop communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal. Toddlers learn and express themselves through music (listening, singing and dancing); language arts (alphabet, shapes, colors, counting, books, poems, nursery rhymes, etc...); and science observation (rocks, sand, trees, plants, flowers, seeds, animals, insects, weather, etc...). Creativity is encouraged with artistic activities such as painting (brush and finger), coloring with crayons, markers and chalk, as well as using glue and scissors.

We are not afraid of messes in the toddler room. We encourage hands on activities, which teach other important lessons such as helping others, sharing and cleaning up.

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