Bluffton Child Development Center - Infant, Toddler, Preschool and After School Education Programs, in Bluffton, Ohio

Photos of BCDC Activities

Bring Your Teddy Bear to BCDC Day, July 2014
TeddyBearPicnicDay1 TeddyBearPicnicDay2 TeddyBearPicnicDay3 TeddyBearPicnicDay4
TeddyBearPicnicDay5 TeddyBearPicnicDay6
Johnny Appleseed park visit's BCDC with live reptiles (preschool and pre k classes) July 2014
TurtleVisit_2014_0 TurtleVisit_2014_1 TurtleVisit_2014_3 TurtleVisit_2014_4
Making Volcano's, July 2014 at BCDC
Volcano-0 Volcano-1 Volcano-2 Volcano-3
Volcano-4 Volcano-92 Volcano-93 Volcano-95
Volcano-96 Volcano-98
Dress up Day at BCDC, June 2014 at BCDC
BCDC_2014_9small BCDC_2014_10small BCDC_2014_11small
BCDC_2014_12small BCDC_2014_13small BCDC_2014_40small
Some other Activities in June 2014 at BCDC
BCDC_2014_14small BCDC_2014_4small BCDC_2014_36small BCDC_2014_16small
BCDC_2014_37small BCDC_2014_38small BCDC_2014_39small BCDC_2014_8small
Reading buddies (an activity where the older kids are assigned a pre-k child and they read stories to them) in June 2014 at BCDC
BCDC_2014_33small BCDC_2014_15small BCDC_2014_34small BCDC_2014_35small
Water Play at BCDC in June 2014
BCDC_2014_1small BCDC_2014_3small BCDC_2014_6small BCDC_2014_7small
Banner Painting by the Kindergarten Class in June 2014:
BCDC_2014_41small BCDC_2014_42small BCDC_2014_43small BCDC_2014_44small
BCDC_2014_45small BCDC_2014_46small BCDC_2014_47small BCDC_2014_49small
A Science exploration Day in June 2014: Mentos in Diet Soda
BCDC_2014_18small BCDC_2014_19small BCDC_2014_20small BCDC_2014_25small
BCDC_2014_21small BCDC_2014_22small BCDC_2014_23small BCDC_2014_24small
BCDC_2014_32small BCDC_2014_26small BCDC_2014_27small BCDC_2014_28small
BCDC_2014_29small BCDC_2014_30small BCDC_2014_17small BCDC_2014_31small
These Pictures are from the May 2014 Bike Rodeo held at the BCDC
BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_2small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_3small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_4small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_5small
BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_6small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_7small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_8small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_9small
BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_10small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_1small BCDC_BikeRodeo2014_11small
These Pictures are from the Spring 2014 Preschool Graduation. They were taken by the Photographer at the Bluffton Icon
bcdc-graduation-april2014_1small bcdc-graduation-april2014_4small bcdc-graduation-april2014_6small bcdc-graduation-april2014_2small
bcdc-graduation-april2014_3small bcdc-graduation-april2014_8small bcdc-graduation-april2014_8small bcdc-graduation-april2014_7small
bcdc-graduation-april2014_5small bcdc-graduation-april2014_10small

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