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Infant Room

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The facility is licensed for nine infants (ages 6 weeks to 18 months).

We feel that it is very important for infants to receive as much individual attention and personalized activity as possible. Therefore, at the BCDC we provide one caregiver for every three infants (1:3), which is more coverage than the State licensing body mandate of one staff member for every five infants (1:5).

The younger infants will be on their individual schedule's for eating, sleeping and playtime, as provided by the parents at time of enrollment. Parents are provided with a daily report form when they pick up their child at the end of the day. The daily report form is filled out by the infant room staff and it informs the parent of their child's activity throughout the day. The report includes naps, feeding time, how much and if applicable the types of solid food eaten, diaper changes, and other relevant information concerning the child's time at the center that day. Click here to see an example of the Report Sheet.


Our infant room is bright and cheerful. Our play area is separated from the sleep area; however, the staff always has full view of the cribs. Some of the activities your infant will participate in include learning to interact with others by playing in a group (for activities with bubbles, tents, tunnels, etc...) and sharing toys. Infants are exposed to basic sign language and learning to recognize colors. Infants will also enjoy other activities such as story time, singing, dancing, coloring and finger painting.

Because we have infants of all ages, we will work with them individually as they grow through their different stages. Our staff recognizes that each infant has their own personality and we strive to work with each one to provide the individual care they need. Only age appropriate materials are used.

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Starting at 15 and 16 months, we begin working on physical and social skills that must be acquired before transitioning to the toddler room. These include sitting at a table to eat (rather than the highchairs), beginning to use silverware, drinking from small cups (rather than sippy cups or bottles), and napping in an infant size cot (rather than a crib) at 1:00 P.M. The actual transition into the toddler room is a gradual process that typically occurs over two weeks. First the infant only spends a few hours per day in the toddler room and then the time increases up to a full day depending on the infant's and parent's comfort with the transition.

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