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Three Year Old Classroom

Kids on the Play Ground

The caregiver to child ratio is 1:12 in the three year old room. Children should have initiated or completed potty training (no diapers) in order to enter the three year old room.

Three year olds are very eager to do things on their own. We encourage their independence in many ways, such as having them hang up their book bags and coats when they enter the room each morning. Although the children are striving to be more independent at this age, we realize that they still need help with fine motor skills such as zipping, buttons, potty time, etc.

We have a helper chart in the room, where each child is given a different responsibility, such as being the line leader or passing out the cups for lunch. These skills will help teach the children responsibility as well as make them feel special. Social skills are another important developmental skill for three year olds. We help with these skills by guiding them in how to treat their friends and how to play nicely in a group.


Many of the activities are a continuation of initial skills and activities from the toddler room; however, they are more advanced and incorporate more aspects of indepence as well as team work for some projects.

Hands-on active learning is fun, exciting and the best way for children to learn at this age. Learning activities include writing skills such as using a pencil, writing the alphabet, and recognizing letters and words. Children also learn about specific events that are relevant to social interaction. For example, they learn their complete name (first, middle, and last), days of the week, seasons, their birthday and some sign language.

Creativity is encouraged with art and crafts; singing; age appropriate games; interactive or dramatic play; show and tell; outside play; and circle time.

Three year olds also require a lot of reminders when it comes to rules. Consistency is very important to this age group.

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